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Why shoot a video

Video is fast becoming one of the most important marketing tools in the world.

Video makes it much easier to engage people, advertise effectively and get new clients.

Video creates a strong emotional connection with potential buyers . Emotion makes them want to act, logic makes them stop and think.

Video ranks higher. All the searching engines, either google or social media prioritize videos.

We will be happy to give you a good advise and make the best ever video for you.

Premium video package Sample for your business

We can offer you a wide variety of forms to promote your product or business. It can be either just one video in different resolutions or a set of promos specially crated for your website, social media pages and context or targeted ads.

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#1 Company profile video

It’s a sketch of your brand. Who are you? What is your business’s purpose? What services or products do have have to offer? A profile video can be 3-5 minutes long, set up interview style, illustrated, overlayed with music. It’s basically a short documentary about who you are. 

Your company profile is your opportunity to grab your customer’s attention and convert it to sales. 

#2 website and social media promo

Best to keep it under one minute and hit the most important info.

It is a little deeper than a typical video ad and gives an opportunity to showcase your brand and really convey valuable information to your audience.

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#3 targeted ads and stories

The shortest but the most complicated. Only 15 seconds for stories and 6 for Facebook ads to enclose all the most important information for your clients.